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       Eco-Art Therapy Courses and Certification

Would you like to feel as good in your daily life as you do when you spend time outdoors or with a pet? You can! The Eco-Art therapy process gives you the tools to anchor those benefits so you can think with them 24/7.

Learn to tap and feel your hidden, but inherent, natural wisdom. Discover how to create moments that let the Earth teach. Find out how to use art to access nature's restorative powers for healing of body, mind and spirit.  Take a fun, accredited, online journey and become professionally certified in Eco-Art Therapy, or simply enjoy a creative interactive class for personal growth.

In either case you will be introduced to art and nature activities that you can use and teach to help strengthen relationships, restore balance, deepen connection and add more joy and meaning to your life and the lives of others. You'll discover how you are part of Earth's intelligent web of life and you'll explore how art and sensory nature experiences can enhance your understanding and critical thinking.

You do not need to be an "artist" to travel this enlightening, life-changing path. It is not about learning technical art skills, but rather uses the creative process of art-making as a tool for expanding self-awareness and connection.

The accredited classes and certification track below are offered through the Project NatureConnect organization.  There are two options for study:

OPTION 1) Take an Eco-Art Therapy 3 credit class (without certification)

Take these creative accredited classes for personal growth and healing with an online group of supportive peers. Degree-seeking students may use/transfer the courses to count as 3 elective credits towards their chosen studies. They can also be taken for 3 CEU professional licensure credits from Portland State University.

  • ECO 530/630: Introduction to Eco-Art Therapy (3 Credits) Most traditional art therapy sessions take place indoors, isolated from the love, support and nurture often felt in natural areas. This fun, online experiential course explores the benefits of including Nature in the process. It shows how combining art with simple nature-connecting activities enhances healing and personal well-being. Both art and nature are non-verbal venues through which our subconscious mind expresses itself. In this class, you learn practical techniques to facilitate the voice of Nature within and around you. With the help of art, you will deepen your awareness of Nature's role in maintaining a healthy balance between your 'indoor-self' and the innate, nature-based wisdom that is your birth-right. You do not need to be an "artist" or have any so-called "creative talent" to take this class. It is not an art course, but rather uses the creative process of art-making as a tool for healing and self-discovery. 
  • ECO 531/631: (Pre-req ECO 530/630) Advanced Studies in Eco-Art Therapy (3 Credits)  This 12 week class teaches advanced hands-on education, counseling and mental health skills that use art to tap the wisdom of Nature’s ways. You learn additional creative, nature-centered activities to help reverse the problems caused by our separation from the natural world and gain further expertise in the process.

Class Duration: 12 weeks each (approx 3-4 self-study hours per week)

Fee for each class: $450 US dollars, plus textbook

Class Format: The primary time of learning is spent outdoors connecting with attractions in Nature.

 Students do one art/nature creative activity per week and answer some reflective questions on their

experience. They then share a picture of their artwork and a summary of their experience with their 

online study group. Posting responses about these experiences in exchange with classmates provides

students with personal validation and support, and creates nourishing communities of understanding

and friendship.

OPTION 2) Professional Certification in Eco-Art Therapy

Official certification contributes potent extra benefits when added to any therapy, occupation, or healing practice.

Completion of this program certifies class members as proficient in Eco-Art Therapy for personal practice and professional enhancement of existing licensure and professional skills. 

Curriculum: (15 credits)
  • ECO 500/600: Organic Psychology of Global Citizenship (2 Credits)
  • ECO 530/630: Introduction to Eco-Art Therapy (3 Credits)
  • ECO 531/631: Advanced Studies in Eco-Art Therapy (3 Credits)
  • ECO 532/632: Student Teaching (3 Credits)
  • ECO 533/633: Independent Reading and Research (4 Credits)
  • Fee: $1200 US dollars, plus purchase of textbook

Click here for course descriptions.

Dr. Theresa Sweeney for more information.

Courses are regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. CEU’s and individual course academic credits are available through Portland State University for an additional $55 per credit. 


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