Eco-Art Therapy

     Meet Eco-Art Therapist Theresa Sweeney, Ph.D., Ed.D.


I am a self-taught artist born in Rochester, New York. My parents tell me I took to art as soon as I was able to hold a crayon. Throughout my childhood, I developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. I enjoyed many happy hours playing in the field behind my house, catching frogs in the pond at the end of my street and camping with my family. Years of artistic expression and enjoying nature made it clear that my life would be centered upon my passions. In 2002, I earned my Ph.D. in Applied Ecopsychology from Akamai University, Hawaii, and the Doctor of Education from San Juan de la Cruz in Costa Rica for my founding of Eco-Art therapy - an innovative blending of ecotherapy with art therapy. 

Artist, author, and educator, my mission is to help reconnect people with the restorative, healing powers of the Earth. Though we are part of nature and inherit its feel-good joys, we are trained to think in a way that separates us from Earth's intelligent, purifying and balanced ways. I help folks learn to listen to the songs of the natural world and then apply those messages to their everyday lives. Like nature, art facilitates the surfacing of a chain of subconscious emotions and memories. It is often easier for people to connect with their deeply underlying, internally hidden beliefs through the art or nature experience than it is through verbal discussion alone. Over 15 years of research and field experience has proven that my revolutionary approach of combining art and nature in fun, experiential activities powerfully and lastingly transforms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I serve on the Board of Directors for Project NatureConnect, and volunteer as Dean of Applied Ecopsychology at Akamai University and faculty at Portland State University.

I am delighted to answer any questions you have. Contact me.
My wildlife artwork:

                                                 The transformative joys of Nature await you!

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