Eco-Art Therapy

"I have a powerful new tool to use in life now – far more healing than any I have ever had before.  I know if things are difficult, I can go to the trees with my colored pencils, do one of these activities and feel better afterwards.  I will gain much insight and wisdom through the process."

"This course helped me find my way back home."

"I learned I can open myself up to other non-human resources and dare take their help and support."

"I am calmer, more grounded and confident. I also became happier and this affects my relationships tremendously. This course is just so amazing, I recommend it to everyone!"

  Making multi-sensory art helped me connnect with the infinite colors, forms and textures of Nature. I too, am a multi-sensory design.                
  Nature is gateway to another dimension
of being - the pace of another time frame. I am going to commit to coming more and more from this sense of time and not the storied one my culture taught me
  My attractions in Nature reveal insights about myself: The Chicory plant hides it's
flowers at night and as I found out today, on cloudy days as well. I was surprised to notice that it is a rather unsightly plant with the blooms closed. 

   My gratitude to be witness to this gorgeous landscape irrigates my soul like the water here irrigates the hillside.

  The sounds of Nature's orchestra centered me in the Now moment and I found peace in the timelessness.
   The seeding dandelion taught me that dying is merely a joyful explosion into a new energy.

   It has taken me some time to figure out how to draw the feeling I have of the birds here, their unseen dancing in the paperbark tree that is full of sweet flowering. I sit
now amidst their sounds that touch everything here around me. I too, send waves of sound into Nature for enjoyment.
   My activity-inspired natural name is "Gibrinda". I, "Gina", am One with "Bird" - a Gibrinda!

 I am more spiritual than I see myself and more open to ancient wisdom from this land than I let myself know.
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